The All New Premium Lawn Leveling Mix

We have spent over a year formulated the perfect ingredients for the lawn leveling mix everyone truly deserves. From making sure the mix is free of debris, soft enough to easily level but firm enough to remain level, the proper nutrients accounted for, and the affordability to make your yard golf course worthy. Here is what we have developed and the steps to perfect your lawn. After cutting your lawn to a lower then normal setting it is time to move to step 1!

Step 1: Once you have picked up our premium leveling blend and you have made it home it is time to get started. Unload your leveling sand and begin emptying the bags into piles throughout your yard evenly spread apart.

Step 2: Using our Perfect Level Rake begin pushing the piles over your yard gently gliding the rake over your sod. It is important to pay close attention to low areas and make sure you are filling them in. If you see any areas not fully leveling out take a handful and scatter it over these areas and slide the rake back over until perfect finish. Do this throughout the entire designated area.

Step 3: Using our approved and recommended organic fertilizer evenly spread the fertilizer over your newly leveled lawn. This will help add nutrients to the sand once activated and promote greener and healthier growth of your grass.

Step 4: Mist down your lawn and enjoy watching the growth of your grass through your new Taylor Level Lawn! It is important for the first week to water your grass once a day for a minimum of fifteen minutes using an irrigation system or rotary head. These will create a mist watering that will strengthen the mix and reduce risk of washouts.

*For best results follow these steps on a clear week with not high amounts of rain in the forecast!