About Us

Hello everyone!

We are Zach and Logan Taylor AKA; The Taylor Brothers. Owners of the all new Taylor Outdoor Supply. We are two brothers who have lived in Cherokee County our entire lives and grew up in a blue collar landscape/construction family. With the ability to grow up watching hard work pay off we have spent the last eight years growing our other companies (“Georgia Hardscapes and Custom Pools” and “Atlawnta Pinestraw”) and this is a start to our next chapter. Being in the field of needing construction and landscape supplies every day we have set out to give the community the best quality and service we can offer at an affordable price.

We do quality checks on all products that hit our lot to ensure the community it meets the Taylor Standard. One product we are very excited to introduce to Cherokee County is our all new Premium Lawn Leveling Blend! With specifically formulated for nutrients and Stability our goal is to bring Augusta National to your front yard!

We look forward to meeting all of our future customers and making a great first impression that lasts forever. Thank you for taking the time to read about us we hope to see you soon!